A delight for your taste buds and nose – wonderful flavor and scent!  Excellent truffle oil and all salts as well – truly delicious, although a little goes a long way, so use sparingly. I have bought this brand several times for my own home cooking and also as a gift. The wonderful aroma and […]


Amazing truffle oil, especially for the price. I used this for an Israeli CousCous with wild mushroom recipe, and it was perfect. The flavor was exactly as it should be, and this bottle lasts forever since you really shouldn’t use much truffle oil for anything: I never use more than a teaspoon or two for […]


Really nice truffle oil for me and my other friends as a gift .  Really nice truffle oil! Nice fragrance and taste, I loved cooking with this product. I was so sad when we used it all and definitely foresee myself buying more in the future.


A Winner! Winner! Aust made Tofu Scramble and added a dash of this Truffle Oil. Such a delicate aroma, and what a savory flavor added to the dish. Perfect!


Wonderful flavor, reasaonably priced. I needed just an oz. or so for a truffle butter roast chicken. This was just the ticket. Good, strong flavor, which held up well. I’ve since tried it in buttered potatoes and a white sause. Quiche is next! I’m sold on this!


Just got back from Italy and still craving the taste … Just got back from Italy and still craving the taste of Black  truffles. I have already used this white truffle oil in two dishes and the flavor is sublime.


Love, Love, Love this Truffle Oil Love, Love this product best quality ever. I use two to three bottles per month on our Truffle fries and people can not get enough of them. Great product, fast shipping and great company. Thanks….


GREAT product/great price !!  A MUST BUY… I am a novice concerning cooking but it is my great joy. I love making unique dishes with amazing flavor. Silent munching around my table is the “happy place”. This product will help achieve that with pasta/soups/risotto/rice… if you would add mushrooms…you can use this. SO inexpensive and […]


Step Up to Gourmet! Oh what a difference this truffle oil makes! Simply add it to sautéed veggies, or rub on chicken or fish before baking, broiling or grilling. This truffle oil elelavates food to gourmet level! I often include this in a cooking related gift. It comes in well package which is perfect for […]


I feel I was at a great restaurant, where I had truffle oil potato chips. So this was well packaged and received on time, but that’s not the thing about this product. I was at a great restaurant, where I had truffle oil potato chips. And I thought I will never have these again. And […]