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Profine Food Stores, inspired by the Passion Of Food , is dedicated to purveying nature’s rarest gems to an exclusive list of hotels, restaurants, home cooking enthusiasts, and lovers of the world’s finest ingredients. Profine Food Stores was founded in 2015 by Banafshe Lahooti, who began working in the industry at age 22 with a background in food and chemical engineering, foraging for mushrooms in a local kitchen in Clevedon – New Zealand. Truffle Salt Truffle Zest

Best Truffle Salt Profine Food Store
Best Truffle Salt Profine Food Store



A Truffle is delicious fruit of the earth, a real underground treasure highly prized and sought after. It is a subterranean fungus with the shape of a tuber more or less round, with protuberances and cavities.
It arises and develops under special environmental and climate conditions.
Truffles, like mushrooms, grow spontaneously in the soil of open areas, such as forests, uncultivated land, along the banks of rivers or in controlled areas where special trees were manually planted.
Truffles are found with the help of trained dogs which with their accurate sense of smell can pinpoint these underground delicacies.
An interesting fact is that the best truffle finders are actually pigs. However, they are not generally used as they are very gluttonous and tend to eat their findings. Best Truffle Salt Truffle Zest


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